Clark Fortune McDonald have extensive experience in the provision of services associated with resource management planning, including the preparation of resource consents, plan changes and other matters relating to legislative actions pertaining to land.

The practice employs two full time planners based in Queenstown offering a comprehensive service taking in all aspects of resource management planning.

Work carried out by the company as part of the resource management process often leads to a project management role particularly for larger subdivision developments.

Clark Fortune McDonald’s project management service enables clients to place their projects in the hands of experts who have a clear vision and understanding of the demands of the project. Our expert planners and surveyors are well qualified for the role of project manager and the increasing number of developments being overseen in the district by Clark Fortune McDonald underlines the growing reputation the company has in this field.

Employing a project manager simplifies communication at all levels particularly for the client and ensures developments are completed in a hassle free environment on schedule and on budget.

Asset Management Surveys

GPS or global positioning system is a survey management tool that utilises radio signals from orbiting satellites to obtain 3D positions. GPS is ideal in open air areas and can speed up the survey process considerably.

Asbuilt Survey

Clark Fortune McDonald has vast experience in asset management surveys for regional councils and private companies. Since 1994 we have been heavily involved in creating a database of asbuilt surveys for both the Otago and Southland District Councils and the Queenstown Lakes District Council. This digital data known as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is compiled to create mapping information for design and reporting purposes.

Private companies such as Millbrook Resort compile their own GIS data which is held by Clark Fortune McDonald. This enables us to quickly and efficiently search out required information for design and reporting purposes.


Clark Fortune McDonald specialises in the development of subdivisions ranging in size from 2 lots to large scale residential projects such as Lake Hayes Estate.

We offer a complete land development package from greenfields to the issue of titles. This includes extensive planning carried out in house by our professional team of planners. Civil engineers are employed by Clark Fortune McDonald to undertake subdivision engineering for both small and large scale projects from roading development through to provision of structures.

The Company’s engineering staff also complete detailed engineering designs for resource consent applications and feasibility studies.

3D Modelling

3D modelling plays a key role in the overall design process of a structure or landform. It is a specialist niche service focusing on the existing ground form and the existing and proposed structures. It also includes a shadow analysis which is an important feature in the placement, design and construction process. 3D modelling is a significant benefit to clients enabling them to fully understand the impact of the proposal. The models are also an important tool for architects and other consultants to assist with the design of specific structures.