GPS Surveying Systems – Trimble

R6 GNSS* Receivers x 2

GPS and GLONASS capable Real-time mobile phone and radio links Base or Rover operation Real-time or Post-processed solution

SPS850 GNSS Receiver x 1

Semi-permanent base station Direct connection to internet Internal transmit radio Continuous data logging and storage

TSC2 Data Collectors x 2

Trimble Survey Controller software Cable-less Bluetooth system In-field e-mail and internet

4800/4700 GPS Receivers

Real-time or Post-processed solution

TSC1 Data collectors x 2

Trimble Survey Controller software

Handheld GPS receivers x 2

Garmin eTrex

Geo XT GPS receiver

Trimble handheld GPS Real-time DGPS

Total Stations

Leica -
TCA 1205 Robotic
TCRA 1103 Robotic x 3 TC600

Nikon -
NPL350 Reflectorless

* GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System is a combination of both GPS and GLONASS. The satellites are positioned so that six are observable nearly 100 percent of the time from any point on Earth.

GPS (Global Positioning System) was developed by the United States Department of Defense and managed by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. GLONASS (GLObal’naya NAvigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema) was developed by the former Soviet Union and now operated by the Russian Space Forces.

Information Library
Extensive library of local survey plans, aerial photography, topographical information and local mapping.

Computer Mapping Systems and Software

12D Civil and Survey Software


AutoCAD 2009 - Autodesk

Drafting package


Drafting package

Trimble - Geomatics Office

GPS Post-processing package

Land Online – LINZ *

Survey lodgement online
Title and Survey plan search online


Survey data index & property information

Data Services

Environmental court case database

* LINZ’s (Land Information New Zealand) land online service provides an extensive database of land title and survey information throughout New Zealand for surveyors, lawyers and other land professionals.